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  2. seriski:

    Surrealistic 70′s serigraphies by Yugoslavian born Russian artist Nikolai Lutohin. Many of these illustrations appeared on the Sci-fi magazine Galaksija.


  3. elijahkinchspector:

    "An Octopus-Man would make a fine policeman or soldier, says Thevenin, because "it would be useless to try to escape from them."

    Also because supposed criminals would be too busy screeching their way into insanity.

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  7. silicongarden:

    "moralité, tranquillité, félicité - la cour téléphonique" (1883)
    Albert Robida - Futurist Illustrator


  8. 1950sunlimited:


    "Jules Verne, The Man Who Invented The Future" 1964

     Written by Franz Born

     Illustrated by Peter B Plasencia

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    "We’re ready to go right now. "

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